Widow's Oil

This ministry was begun through the Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida in response to the problems created by the legally accepted practice of “inheritance marriage” in the country of Nigeria.  This law allows the husband’s family to confiscate all of his possessions upon his death and leave the widow and even his children without support.  

Of particular alarm is the number of pastors’ widows who are being punished by family members who are not Christian and the overwhelming needs being shouldered by the church.  In response to James 1:27 that calls upon us to “look after orphans and widows in their distress,” a plan emerged to support these particular widows by purchasing goats or chickens and feed or a sewing machine and fabric so that the widow would have means to support her family. This act of love has promoted the message of the gospel in this predominately Muslim area of northern Nigeria.  

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Widows Oil Promo from First Baptist Church Naples on Vimeo.