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Parents challenge national standards

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Common-Core Chaos




Education Without Representation

Watch This Week's CitizenLink Report with Bruce Hausknecht and Kim Trobee.

Parents leadthe resistance against national education standards.






Are you tired of hearing the message that "we know better than you what's best for your kids" from liberal media pundits and overzealous government officials?

Apparently so was Robert Small, a father in Maryland. He tried to calmly ask questions and share concerns about plans to implement nationwide"Common Core"education standards during a public meeting for parents of local school children. But he didn't get very far before government officials shut him down.

"I'm a parent—I have a right to speak."

Those were some of the last words the father managed to say before being shoved and dragged out of the meeting by a security officer. Once outside the doors, he was handcuffed and slapped with criminal charges carrying thousands of dollars in fines.

The good news is other concerned citizensvideotaped what really happenedin that meeting. And it was clear that Robert was no dangerous criminal. As a result, his charges were dropped.

But still, the spectacle of a parent being manhandled for simply trying to express a relevant viewpoint was disturbing. The video went viral—and Robert Small became a national symbol of the powerlessness many parents feel when it comes to having a say in their child's education.

At Focus on the Family, we're passionate about defending parents' constitutional rights to be directly involved in what's happening in their children's classrooms. After all, in most cases, parents are the ones with the most intimate knowledge of their children's unique needs.

That's why we're closely tracking the federally promoted Common Core standards and the impact it will have on families. You will want to read our latest feature article documenting the concerns parents across the nation have about these standards and how their kids are already being affected. Access this article and other resources on protecting parents' rights by visiting Focus'Social Issues resource center.

Thank you for standing with us as we empower parents!

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Governor Scott Signs FFPC Supported Bill
“Infants Born Alive” Legislation at
Florida Baptist Children's Home

Pensacola, FL – Last week on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) supported, HB 1139 to grant infants who survive abortion procedures the same rights as infants born naturally. Governor Scott was joined by First Lady Ann Scott and pro-life supporters from across the state to sign this bill at Florida Baptist Children’s Home in Cantonment, Florida, just outside of Pensacola.  FFPC President John Stemberger and FFPC Legislative Assistant Sara Johnson were invited by the Governor's office to participate in the bill signing ceremony. 

Governor Scott said, “As a father and grandfather, there is nothing more precious or special than welcoming a new child into this world and by signing this bill, we are protecting the most vulnerable among us and affirming their rights as individuals. This legislation ensures common-sense measures are taken to help care for the babies who survive abortion procedures and grants those infants the same rights as infants who are born naturally."

John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council, said, "Pro-life Floridians should be grateful for Governor Scott's leadership.  It was not long ago that another Republican governor, Charlie Crist, (who switched parties from Republican to Independent and then switched again recently to Democrat) vetoed and blocked critical pro-life legislation." 

Senator Anitere Flores said, "This legislation is about protecting the sanctity of life, and with the signing of this bill today, Governor Scott is fighting for those most vulnerable - this is a victory for Florida."

Sheila Hopkins, Director for Social Concerns/Respect Life of the Florida Catholic Conference said, “The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops applauds Governor Scott for protecting the life and human dignity of children born alive during or after an abortion. It is our duty to protect the weakest and most vulnerable in society and this legislation does exactly that. Thank you Governor Scott.”

Dr. Jerry Haag, President of Florida Baptist Children’s Home said, “On behalf of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, we applaud Governor Scott’s commitment to protecting the unborn. Our children are our most sacred treasures and it is imperative that all children - those born and unborn - are valued and treated fairly.”

Stemberger also said “The Florida Family Policy Council supports Governor Scott’s commitment to life and applauds him on signing this legislation. We affirm with Governor Scott the first principle that all life, born and unborn, has intrinsic worth and value and deserves to be protected. This is a great human rights victory for the Sunshine State.”

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Dr. James Dobson, targeted by the IRS?

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Manhattan Declaration

We made a splash in fall 2009. Our movement for life, marriage and religious liberty led by Chuck Colson with over 100 religious leaders including Jim Daly, Timothy Dolan, Timothy Keller, George Weigel, Richard Land, Al Mohler, David Platt and many others gained over 400,000 signatures in an instant. National media were asking "What's going on?" and the question in the Christian blogosphere was "Have you signed or not?"

In the years since, the attention has waned, but the importance of the issues has risen. Consider the last few weeks: Kermit Gosnell's murder trial raised new doubts about the permissibility of abortion; the Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases that may alter the meaning of marriage; Christian ministries and business owners pursued legal relief over the HHS contraception mandate. Through it all, the Manhattan Declaration was there providing our signers news, information and opportunities to be involved. The fanfare may have subsided, but the question remains: "Have you signed?"



Unequal? Unfair? Unhappy? Turns out, most married couples with children are satisfied with their relationships.


Physiologist Gary Wilson shows that the human brain is not designed to handle the hyperstimulation of internet porn, explaining its devastating consequences.


The Super Bowl champ turned down a visit to the White House because of President Obama said something he can't abide: "God bless Planned Parenthood."


Courage and conviction on display.


Redefining marriage will never be widely accepted in America for one simple reason: It's based on a lie. At least, that's what LGBT leaders say...


Sign the Declaration


Christians must educate themselves about this. For starters, read the Manhattan Declaration, sign it, and tell your friends to do the same.

--NYT best selling author Eric Metaxas

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Manhattan Declaration

We are participating in a collaborative effort with many of our friends working to preserve America's first freedom -- the freedom of religion. Today, May 15, over 4.5 million emails are being sent requesting that citizens like you step out of your comfort zone to contact your representative in Congress and ensure that they understand that religious freedom matters to you. It won't take more than a few minutes and you don't need to know about any specific legislation. Simply call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask for your Member of Congress by name, and tell them (or, more likely, a staff person) that religious freedom matters to you. That's it! When Congress is flooded with hundreds of thousands of calls it really makes a difference! (Not sure who your representative is? This helpful tool allows you to search by zip code.)


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Dear Friend,

It's a truism of elections: The candidate or ballot question that gets the most votes wins.

That's why registering like-minded citizens to vote and getting those voters to the polls is critical in order to elect candidates and enact policies that strengthen marriage, life and religious freedom.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as many as 29% of citizens were not registered to vote in 2008—that's 60 million people. More than one-third of eligible voting citizens did not vote in the 2008 presidential election.

So last year, Focus on the Family ventured into these waters in a big way, initiating what was—to our knowledge—the largest voter-registration effort in the modern conservative movement. Joining with five other pro-life and pro-family groups, our goal was to reach 5 million unregistered socially conservative Americans, encouraging them to register and then vote in November 2012. And we succeeded!

We're delighted to report that we met our goals, with more than one million new voters going to the polls and voting their values last November. In fact, the voter turnout in key states among citizens we contacted was above the national average. This tells us that pro-family, pro-life Americans are concerned about the direction the country is headed, and will engage when encouraged to do so.

This success was possible because of support from friends like you. Will you help us continue our efforts like voter registration to engage the culture and encourage Christian involvement?

In past elections, races have been won or lost by less than a thousand votes. Elections matter and every vote counts! That's a message we'll continue to bring as the next election cycle approaches.

Thank you in advance for your support—whether a one-time gift or a monthly donation—as we work to protect life, marriage and religious freedom through cultural engagement.

For faith and family,
Signed: Tom Minnery
Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy
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A Walk thru DC

The video is only 2 minutes 51 seconds long. 

Please watch to the end or you will miss it.