Support Ministries

Deacon's Ministry

The office of deacon is not an office of authority, but one of service. A man who agrees to serve as a deacon in a New Testament church agrees to be an example in spirit, love, devotion, and loyalty. The deacon ministry has three major responsibilities: (1) to assist pastoral staff with ministry to the Body, (2) to assist the church to build and maintain Christian fellowship and unity, and (3) to serve as exemplary Christian leaders in the church and community. 

Hospitality Ministry

The goal of the Hospitality Ministry is to show the love of Christ to our guests and welcome them in such a way that they would want to return.

Sunday Contact:  Vince Scidone at 273-3222

Saturday Night Contact:  Jake Walker at 253-5293 

The Hospitality Ministry is a team of volunteers who serve in the following areas:

Greeters - To insure that everyone who arrives for our worship services and Bible and Life Groups receive a friendly welcome as they join us.  These are the "Front Liners" to let everyone know they are loved and welcomed!

Ushers - To enable men and women to serve at all regular and special worship services.  Ushers are scheduled to help meet and seat guests, support safety/security efforts, and perform other duties as needed before, during, and after each service.

Information Centers - To provide a fun opportunity for individuals and couples to meet people and to give them pertinent information about our chuch.

Media Ministry - To provide an audio recording of each service and special event.  These CDs are made available to shut-ins and people in hospitals and nursing homes.  They are also used for radio broadcasts and distributed around the country.  CD's are available immediately after each service at a cost of $5.00.

Traffic Ministry - To assist people who have special needs and assist in traffic flow for all of our services and major events.