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    Heroes Here

    06.21.17 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

    Our nation was shocked a week and a half ago by the shooting of Republican Congressmen as they were practicing for an upcoming baseball game. A hater of the President and those in his party, James Hodgkinson, began firing and striking some players ...

      Coming and Going

      06.07.17 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

      So much of biblical truth is expressed in inspired verbs. For instance, two commands of the New Testament can be summed up in the words, “Come” and “Go.” As we “come” to Christ and heed His call, we believe and ...

        Armor For All

        05.31.17 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

        During World War II, in the European theater, many Allied planes were shot down. Our leaders employed a statistician, Abraham Wald, to research where extra armor should be attached to protect the fly guys. He studied every plane which returned from ...

          Glorious Answers to Prayers

          05.23.17 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

          I love the many promises in God’s Word, particularly Psalm 20. The Lord “answers us in the day of trouble” (vs. 1). He also “sends help to us and gives us support” (vs. 2). Ever since Betsy Evans submitted her ...

            Diving For Pearls

            05.18.17 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

            Unquestionably, Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men that has ever lived. A Bible was given to him by a concerned friend who wanted him to gain wisdom but not just knowledge. On the flyleaf of the copy of the scriptures, these words were ...


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